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LADYFEST MV would not be possible without the support of Larkin and Jackie Stallings and The Ritz Cafe.

In 2017, Ritz General Manager, Kelly Feirtag, and musician and bartender, Rose Guerin, were redecorating the venue and realized that there was a lack of photos of the female musicians that played there.

They decided to right this wrong by planning a night of live music dedicated to these incredible women where they could photograph them and showcase their talent.  Rose and Kelly have a passion for giving back to the community, and partnered with CONNECT to End Violence on Martha’s Vineyard - the island’s dual domestic violence program and rape crisis center.


The first inaugural LADYFEST MV took place inside The Ritz Cafe and 5 years later, it has outgrown the venue, taken to the streets, and expanded into a town wide festival.

Please visit for more information about this iconic island institution.

All photos on this page provided by the incomparable Jeremy Driesen.

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